Friday, July 15, 2011

Return trip, day one.

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   Augmented crew:  Christopher Goodenough joined us for the return. We departed the RNSYS at about 0630 in a few sprinkles of rain but the sky quickly cleared leaving only a few residua of scattered clouds.  North wind at about 15 most of the day and after turning right to parallel the NS coast, we flew the spinnaker, making excellent time with speeds through the water of 8 to 9 kts.
    And then, along came squall.  Before we could do anything, winds of 30 - 35 kts attacked from the north, leaving us with way way over canvassed.  Peter was able to douse the spinnaker with great effort and without any injuries to man or materiel.
Next came two reefs in the main and finally we had boat speeds below 10 kts and a controllable boat--which we definitely did not a half hour earlier.  Almost broached; a boat passing us, also carrying a spinnaker, did broach but they got things back together and continued on by us.
At 2028 EDT we are about 18 miles from Brazil Rock where we will turn almost due west towards Marblehead.
Sadly, the wind died after dinner and we are motor sailing at about 7 kts.  More motor than sail!

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